Thursday, 23 November 2017

My group did very the thing that we did well is that we wasn't shy when we had to talk.

2 what would you change?
i would change  our talking a bit louder so everyone can hear our voices

3. did you work well together?
 yes we worked  together but when we started we fight over  the work  but when it was the afternoon we started to work again together. is a link to my blog 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Kia Ora bloggers my Terrence
 here is a link to my collaborating work on this link and i will put a link for the YouTube video  collaborating work link  YouTube video of collaborating using google  docs  collaborating video

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

24 hour footprint

if you are wondering that there  a lot words that big and small the big words mean  that how often do you go on it and if you  want ton know that i use YouTube the most  because  i like  to comment on the video and the small word that you goes on  two or 1 time  so the big words mean you have  goes on it for 5 or 10 time so i go  on YouTube  the most.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Samoan week

 Samoan week 

                 today on Samoan week  we were  sitting in a circle and our teacher  went to get Samoan things  when my teacher we saw  a war weapon with Samoan  patterns on it   the patterns  where the Samoan men and women's tattoo his is how you say how are you in Samoan o mai oe  do you know  any other Samoan words? i will give you  another word s in Samoan fa means  bye 


Tuesday, 16 May 2017




Monday, 27 March 2017

our class Assembly

This is my first draft writing on our class assembly that we had on Friday 17th March. Our learning intention was to use adjectives and verbs in our writing. Please take a read of my writing and let me know how I can improve my writing.

Last week my  class did a Assembly in the hall. When everyone started to come in. Paris  played the piano when classes were  coming inside the hall.

When the Assembly started Shreya and ina came up to the stage and they did their speech. After  the speech the music   suddenly started. Simon,Paris went up and started to dance and then Fehi,Dorina,Lorenzo and Moses came after and joined the dance. Then  more people  started to dance and then all of my class were doing the dance. The name of the is flash mob.It is a kind dance.

After the dance Ina and Shreya came and stand up to sing the National anthem after the National anthem Shreya and Ina said  Mrs Campbell  can you come up to hand out class awards after the class awards we did our get New Zealand writing metaphors poems